Sports Broadcast Schedule

KBreeze Sports

Fort Bend ISD High School Football is broadcast live on KBreeze Sports Radio. Below is the schedule for the remainder of their 2016 High School Football Schedule. Access their coverage is through this link. LINK TO KBREEZE SPORTS.

Week 3
9/8 Thursday
Elkins vs Travis  Hall 6PM

9/9 Friday
RP  vs Stratford Hall 7PM

9/10 Saturday
Bush vs Westside Mercer 6PM

Week 4

Week 5
9/22 Thursday
Kempner vs Ridge Point Mercer 6PM

9/23 Friday
Dulles Homecoming vs Bush Mercer 7PM

9/24 Saturday
Clements vs Travis Mercer 6PM

Week 6
9/29 Thursday
Marshall vs Willowridge Hall 7PM

9/30 Friday
RP vs Clements Hall 7PM

Travis vs Dulles Mercer 6PM

Week 7
10/6 Thursday
Bush vs Kempner Mercer 6PM

10/7 Friday
Hightower Homecoming vs Dulles Hall 7PM

10/8 Saturday
Willowridge vs Elkins Hall 6PM

Week 8

10/13 Thursday
Bush HC vs Clements Mercer 6PM

10/14 Friday
Travis vs Austin Mercer 6PM

10/15 Saturday
RP vs Dulles Mercer 6PM

Week 9
10/20 Thursday
Marshall vs Elkins Hall 7PM

10/21 Friday
Travis HC vs Bush Mercer 7PM

10/22 Saturday
Dulles vs Kempner Mercer 6PM

Week 10

10/27 Thursday
Travis vs Hightower Hall 6PM

10/28 Friday
RP vs Bush Hall 7PM

10/29 Saturday
Austin vs Dulles Mercer 6PM

Week 11

11/3 Thursday
Hightower vs RP Hall 6PM

Marshall vs Santa Fe Hall 7PM

11/ Saturday
Elkins vs Texas City Hall 6PM