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Fort Bend Property tax protest

LAYMAN: Some hope for residential Fort Bend & Texas property tax protest

Committee Hearing On Property Tax Reform Provides Hope For Change FORT BEND COUNTY (AaronLayman.com) – Texas property tax protest was on a lot of people’s minds when I testified before the Texas senate committee on property tax reform & relief, last week. There were several hundred property owners and local officials addressing our skyrocketing property taxes. I was encouraged by […]

A home in Cinco Ranch - Covering Katy photo

LAYMAN: Fort Bend CAD’s 2016 “Appraisals” are a magical work of fiction

In my March housing report I included data points for 2016 first quarter sales in Fort Bend County. In that piece, I detailed how local home prices were basically flat year-over-year, with new home prices actually showing declines from a year ago. I also predicted that the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District might ignore the […]