Good News: The Pumps are off in Simonton

Covering Katy photo

SIMONTON (Covering Katy News) – Fort Bend County Road and Bridge crews have turned off the pumps at two locations in Simonton as water levels on the Brazos river continue to subside and the weather predictions appear to have the city out of harm’s way.

“Fort Bend County Road and Bridge demobilized pumps at two locations and will complete full break down Monday morning,” said a social media post by the Sheriffs’ Office. “Law enforcement will continue to monitor our staging areas. Road closures will remain closed until further notice,” the post said.

City leaders are still warning people not to stand on the banks of the Brazos.

 “Please do not visit its banks for looks, pictures or to shoot video. The integrity of the bank of the river is not credible and while we love our residents and visitors, we ask this in protection and safety for all,” the post said.