Arrests Made at Illegal Massage Parlor

Yan He.

Jie Li Swindall

RICHMOND (Covering Fort Bend News) – Two women, one from Rosenberg, have been arrested after a search warrant was executed at a massage parlor in the Richmond area.  

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office detectives executed the search warrant and two arrest warrants at “YES Massage,” located at 1135 Crabb River Rd. Suite 110 in the Richmond area, today, Nov. 20.   

 Two employees, Yan He, 53, of Rosenberg, and Jie Li Swindall of Alvin, were arrested and charged with prostitution, a Class B Misdemeanor.

This is the second Prostitution charge for Yan He in Fort Bend County. Yan He was previously arrested at the Red Apple spa for prostitution in August of 2017.

 Yan He and Jie Li Swindall are in the Fort Bend County Jail, each with a bond of $5,000.      

“This is a family shopping center and this is just unacceptable.” said Sheriff Troy Nehls. “We will not tolerate this kind of activity occurring in Fort Bend County.”