Richmond Man Sentenced After Holding Girlfriend Captive

Kennedy Kenechukwu Oguchi.

RICHMOND (Covering Fort Bend News) – A 20-year-old Richmond man has been sentenced to 60 days in the Fort Bend County jail after a jury convicted him of unlawful restraint. Kennedy Kenechukwu Oguchi was also tried, convicted, and sentenced to 30 days in jail for possession of marijuana out of the same incident. Oguchi was charged with the crimes in July 2017 after holding his girlfriend against her will.

According to Assistant District Attorney Drew Kwartler, a woman called 911 on July 12, 2017, after receiving Snap Chat messages from her friend who said that Oguchi had taken the keys to her car and was holding her captive. The woman was not aware of the caller’s location, but used the “Find my Friends” app to successfully guide local authorities to 14500 Empanada Drive in the Houston are of Fort Bend County.

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Deputies Lazo and Dishman arrived on scene to find Oguchi and his victim inside of the woman’s vehicle. Deputies conducted an investigation which led to the arrest of the defendant for unlawful restraint and possession of marijuana.

In his closing argument, lead prosecutor Drew Kwartler told the jury, “The defense argument that the victim was with the defendant because she wanted to be with him that night may be true, but not so for the entire night. Just because the victim wanted to be there initially doesn’t mean she couldn’t change her mind. You can’t force someone to stay who doesn’t want to stay.”

Oguchi was tried in County Court at Law No. 2 before Presiding Judge Jeffrey McMeans. Unlawful restraint in this case is a Class A Misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in the county jail and/or a fine up to $4,000. Possession of Marijuana is a Class B Misdemeanor punishable by up to 180 days in the county jail and/or a fine up to $2,000. The two sentences will run concurrently. Oguchi was eligible to receive probation. Assistant District Attorneys Drew Kwartler and Tristyl McInnis prosecuted the case.