Kempner High School Teacher Encouraging Students to Dress for Success with Top-Notch Tuesday

Students in Mr. Anderson’s class dressed up for Top Notch Tuesday.

Students in Mr. Anderson’s class dressed up for Top Notch Tuesday.

FORT BEND ISD (Covering Fort Bend News) – If you walk into Robert Anderson’s aquatic science class at Kempner High School on any given Tuesday, you’re bound to see students dressed in business attire. It’s part of a new program Anderson launched this year called “Top-Notch Tuesday.”

 “We’re trying to build students’ awareness about what they’re going to be coming up against after they graduate. They’re going to be going on job interviews, interviewing with colleges, and you can’t go to these things wearing holey jeans and concert T-shirts,” Anderson explained. “So I am trying to introduce them to wearing a little more professional clothing. I’m teaching them how to tie ties. It also helps them with their self-esteem and their self-worth. If you’re dressing for success and looking nice, you’re a little more respectful to others and others are more respectful to you.”

 Students in Anderson’s class say they enjoy the program because it teaches them how to dress appropriately for job interviews, and it makes them feel good.

 Anderson hopes the program picks up and spreads amongst the school and the district. If you’re interested in donating ties to KHS students for Top-Notch Tuesday, contact Anderson at