Richmond Fire Department Receives New Mascot

RICHMOND (Covering Fort Bend News) -The Richmond Fire Department has just added their fourth female Dalmatian thanks to the sponsorship of Dr. Michael Moore of Foster Creek Veterinary Hospital in Richmond. Lady IV joined the team this week after receiving a clean bill of health from Dr. Moore and will now be mentored by Lady III.

The Richmond Fire Department has had a female Dalmatian mascot since 1981, always named Lady. Lady I and II had ten-year life spans while Lady III continues to live at Richmond’s Central Fire Station in her 13th year as mascot. She will now mentor Lady IV and prepare her for her duties carrying on the tradition of the Dalmatian firehouse dog.

The tradition of the Dalmatian as the firehouse dog began in early days when fire vehicles were horse-drawn carriages. It was discovered the Dalmatian had three useful qualities- speed, endurance and an affinity for horses. For these reasons the dogs were easily trained to run in front of the engines to help clear a path and guide the horses to the fire quickly.