Stafford Police Looking for Debit Card Skimming Suspect

STAFFORD (Covering Fort Bend News) – Stafford police are looking for a suspected debit card skimmer after a customer at a local Circle K used the ATM and pulled a card reader off the machine.

On May 2, the customer entered the store at 2939 S. Main and used the ATM. After feeling something unusual when removing his card, the customer tugged on the card reader and a device that was very similar to the actual card reader came off of the ATM.

An investigation revealed that a man entered the store several hours earlier and possibly placed the skimming device on the machine. The suspect is described as a white man, approximately 6 feet tall, with black hair and a beard. He was wearing a black shirt, a black jacket with a fur-lined hood, ripped blue jeans and black socks. He was driving what appears to be a silver Audi 4-door station wagon, likely a model between 2000 and 2004. The car has no front license plate, a sun roof and luggage rails.

Anyone who has information regarding the suspect, or feels they might have been a victim, should contact Stafford Police Department Detective Ceballos at 281-261-3950 or 281-261-3987.